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LT 8000 Series - Laser Jet

LT 8000 Series - Laser Jet

Adopts self-development galvanometer laser and controlling board with powerful functions and excellent performance and also comes with cost effectiveness to bring total new experience to customer.

Two type of Laser available CO2 and Fiber.

CO2 type: LT8010C / LT8030C

  • Can work on a variety of materials with clean and high-quality marking in high speed.
  • Equipped with flexible installation options that allows Ease in production integration.
  • Power out put- 10w/30w

FIBER type: LT8020F/LT8030F/LT8050F

Mainly apply to electronic components, motor, pipes, battery and other marking demanding

High flexibility of installation method and compact machine

Structure make our machine more easier to set up and use.

Power out put: 20w/30w/50w

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